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Information and Information Literacy

April 27, 2018 Md. Ashikuzzaman 4

One of the truths about modern society is that “information is everywhere.” Information is a pervasive and essential part of our society and our lives. Humans are, at their essence, processors and users of information. This is not a recent development. Humans have always been dependent upon information to help them make decisions and guide [Read More..]

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Public Library

April 20, 2018 Md. Ashikuzzaman 2

The Public Library is a social institution based on the definition of democracy. It is for the people by the people and of the people. In the words of William Ewart, Public Library is founded by the people, and is established by law and maintained at public expenses out of local rates and sometimes by [Read More..]

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Government Publications

April 17, 2018 Md. Ashikuzzaman 0

Introduction: According to the United States Code (44 U.S.C. 1901), a government publication may be described to be as “… details that are printed as a unique record for which money is spent by the Government, or as needed legally.” In India, thanks to the presence of the central ministries including the parliament and divisions [Read More..]

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Institutional Repository Software

April 13, 2018 Md. Ashikuzzaman 0

Institutional Repository Software: The chief aim to have an organizational repository is to offer open access to organizational analysis result by self-archival and storage and conserve other organizational digital assets, which include the un-printed or otherwise easily misplaced (grey) literature (for instance dissertations). To some extent IRs are related to the concept of a digital [Read More..]

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Z39.50 or ISO 23950 Standards

April 12, 2018 Md. Ashikuzzaman 0

A national and international (ISO 23950) standard defining a protocol for computer-to-computer information retrieval is Z39.50. Z39.50 makes it possible enables a user in one system to hunt and retrieve details from other computer systems (that have also executed Z39.50) without being aware of the search syntax that is employed by other systems. Z39.50 was [Read More..]

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April 12, 2018 Md. Ashikuzzaman 0

Unicode is a standard that aims to maintain a universal consistency in representing the characters as integers, and thus provides the basis for processing, storing and interchanging the text data in any language. The standard has been well accepted by a majority of the modern software and information technology protocols, since it has been able [Read More..]

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Institutional Repository and Library

April 10, 2018 Md. Ashikuzzaman 2

Introduction: An IR refers to a group of services and technologies that offer the mediums to gather, handle, access, spread, and archive digital materials generated in an organization. Institutional Repository collects, organize, preserve and disseminate data of any organization or member organizations. While majority of the organizational repositories are located in colleges and universities, few [Read More..]

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Library Services through Mobile Technology

April 8, 2018 Md. Ashikuzzaman 2

Introduction: In the information age, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has been the catalyst in driving enormous change and development in academic institutions. Libraries being the sanctum sanctorum of any institution of higher learning, have always grabbed the opportunity to provide unparalleled initiative and support to the growth of academic institutions. If the invention of [Read More..]

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Impact of e-resources and services on higher education and research

April 7, 2018 Md. Ashikuzzaman 0

E- Resources and it’s Services in Library: E- Resources and services are resources in which information is stored electronically and which are accessible through electronic systems and networks. E- Resources and services is a very broad term that includes a variety of different publishing models, including OPACs, CD-ROMs, online database, e-journals, e-books, internet resource, print—on—demand [Read More..]

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About College Library

April 6, 2018 Md. Ashikuzzaman 1

College Library: A college is considered as an academic institution of higher learning offering three-year degree courses. In colleges library occupies a prominent position and it is an important and integral part of the teaching programme. It is not merely a depository of books, but an active workshop instrument in the production of or original [Read More..]