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Acquisition Policy of Library Materials

Kumar, P. A. (2017)

Acquisition Policy

The ‘acquisition’ is the most fundamental management process and principle of the library. The acquisition means the qualitative procurement of books and other reading material after the selection.

Acquisition and selection both are sisters and quality in selection to improve the quality of the acquisition. Without ‘selection’ acquisition is to make unclean, unorganized and mutilated one. Before acquiring books and other reading materials, the librarian keeps in mind what to select and what to reject. In the University library selection is to help to promote the acquisition.Acquisition policy

In the University library, the acquisition section performs the variety of function and it is the chief link to the other section of the library. The acquisition section of the University library is one of the vital sections which are deals with the collection development in a significant away which controls all the activities of the library.

Functions of acquisition:

The acquisition section of the library carried out the various functions which are considered most important. The important functions which are performed in the acquisition section are outlined as follows:

• Estimation of total grant for the purchase of book & periodicals.

• Utilization & supervision of the allocated grants and to provide proportional grants to newly establish the department as suggested by the library committee.

• Alphabetically arrangement of publisher catalogue and book seller’s catalogue.

• Circulation of current publishers’ catalogue to every department.

• Checking the catalogue and library stock to avoid duplication.

• Inviting quotations from the reputed publisher/booksellers for the book, reference book, rare book, back volume journals, etc. whatever the library needs.

• Placing of order for the purchase of books & documents.

• Issuing reminder in case of delay arises out of receiving books in time.

• Physical check up the books after being received.

• Verification of bills with the actual price with a book in print, price conversion rate through good office committee.

• Accessioning of the arrived documents.

• Payment of bills.

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