Advantages & Disadvantages of Electronic Resource (E-Resource)

Preservation of Digital Resources

Advantages of E-Resources

The reasons for actually embarking on the purchasing of electronic resources are generally accepted because of the ease of usability, readability, affordability and accessibility. The following are the advantages of e-resources over the print media
a) Multi-access: A networked product can provide multiple points of access at multiple pints round the clock and to multiples simultaneous users.e-resources-in-library

b) Speed: An electronic resource is lot quicker to browse or search, to extract information from, and to integrate that information into other material and to cross-search or reference among the different publications.

c) Functionality: E- resources will allow the user to approach the publications to analyze its content in new ways by clicking of the mouse on search mode.

d) Content: The e-resources can contain a vase amount of information, but more importantly the material can consist of mixed media i.e. images, video, audio animation which could not be replaced in print.

e) Mobility

f) Savings physical Space

g) Convenience

h) Saving time& money

Disadvantages of Electronic Resources

Now, more and more people prefer e-resources to traditional ones, because it can save their time and money. However, with various e-resources flooded in, more and more people are aware of the disadvantages of e-resources.

a) The fact that e-resources require special devices or personal computers can be looked at as a disadvantage. Many e-resources are typically produced to be compatible with certain software which in turn may be not easily available. Since e-resources are dependent on other equipment, certain hardware or software failures may affect it. Unless the hardware, Internet connection or battery power that is required by an e-resource reader is readily available, then its electronic document is useless. In addition, e-resources depending on hardware and software and are more easily damaged than a printed book.

b) E-resource reading devices are surely more expensive than printed books. All devices of e-resources require power. There is a growing concern that the e-resources at present may not be accessible or compatible to the futureS e-resources software or devices.

c) Screen glare and eyestrain are a serious concern for many potential users of e-resource technology. A major worry of reading from an e-resource reader could hurt the eyes. The display resolution of computer screens and electronic devices is considerably less than the print quality produced by a printing press.

d) Reading from a computer lacks the familiarity and comfort of reading from a book. A paper book can be opened and flipped; through, while an electronic text is more difficult to navigate.

e) E-Resources have an unreliable life span. Paper has a much longer life span than most digital forms of storage. Because of the rapid development of new computer systems, it is difficult to judge whether the software or hardware will become outdated. As new hardware is developed, structures must be put into place to allow for the migration of existing materials to the new platforms so that they can still be accessed. Methods of preserving the electronic document must also be developed. A high degree of reliability of the equipment must be a part of the electronic devices that handle the replacements for printed books.

 f) Many titles that are available in traditional print books are not yet available in an electronic book format.

g) New technologies always require time, experience, and money in order to take full advantage of its capabilities.

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  1. One of the problems with internet based resources is uncertainty with regard to continued access . In several countries , Internet has become a political tool in the hands of govts to control civil problems. A recent example is denial of access to internet in Kashmir leading to hugely affecting research and learning. This could be considered as one of the disadvantages of eresourcrs.

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