ALA 1949 Cataloguing Code (ALA-49)

Since the Library of Congress was revising its rules for description, the American Library Association decided to omit that portion of the rules from the 1941 draft and include only the rules for entry and heading in the ALA rules. This decision was made partly because individual libraries had been following LC practice (owinALA 49 Codeg to the availability of LC printed cards) and partly because that portion of ALA 1941 had not been very well received. As a result, the rules in ALA 1949 cover entry and headings only and must be used in conjunction with LC 1949.

ALA 1949 and LC 1949 served as the standards for descriptive cataloging for American libraries until the appearance of the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules in 1967.

The criticism of Osborn did not seem to have a great deal of effect on ALA 1949, for the rules in this code, in the opinion of many, are as pedantic, elaborate, and often arbitrary as those in the preliminary edition of 1941.



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