Alphabetical Catalogue

Alphabetical library catalogue is that type of catalogue in which entries are arranged on the basis of alphabets (and not on the basis of any number of notation) is known as alphabetical catalogue. In other words, alphabetical catalogue is one that is arranged alphabetically.

“One in which the author, title and/or subject entries are arranged alphabetically.” Harrods Librarian’s Glossary and Reference Book.

Alphabetical catalogue has following sub-types:
  • Author Catalogue: Author catalogue is made of author entries (entries for authors) arranged in alphabetical order.
  • Name Catalogue: Name catalogue is a variation or extended form of author catalogue.
  • Title Catalogue: Title catalogue is made of entries for titles used as heading and arranged in alphabetical order.
  • Subject Catalogue: Subject catalogue is made of entries for subject arranged in alphabetical order.
  • Dictionary Catalogue: Dictionary catalogue is combination of author, name, title and subject catalogue along-with cross reference entries arranged in one alphabetical sequence.

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