Alphabetico Classed Library Catalogue

It is a form of subject catalogue which combines the qualities of alphabetical catalogue and classified catalogue both. Alphabetical catalogue is appreciated for its easy arrangement of entries. Classified catalogue is appreciated for

  •  i) Bringing like subject together, and
  • ii) Arranging subjects in filiatory order (by bringing specific subjects under their broader subjects).

Alphabetico classed catalogue has all these qualities i.e.,

  •  i) It arranges its entries in alphabetical order, and
  • ii) In addition to bringing related subjects together, it brings specific subjects under their broader subjects.

To achieve this object the following steps are taken while preparing an alphabetico-classed catalogue.

  1. A suitable scheme of classification is selected.
  2. Subject headings are derived from headings used by the scheme of classification for class numbers including main class and important classes.
  3. Subject headings for specific subjects are placed under their broad classes in alphabetical sequence.

Example of Alphabetico-classed catalogue:




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