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Samreen, Samreen (2012)

It may be to understand what Information is, but no universally accepted definition of Information has yet crystallized, perhaps it will never be crystallized. In view of this, the expert advice is that the study should be made on the Information related phenomenon rather than the Information itself. Accordingly, Wersig and Neveling” give the following six approaches to information.Info

1. The structural approach: In this approach: In this approach, Information is viewed as structures of the world or static relations between physical objects which may be perceived or not;

2. The Knowledge approach: This approach records knowledge that is built on the basis of a perception of the structure of the world. But the problem with this approach is that the term ‘Information’ may erroneously be used for the term ‘knowledge’.

3. The messaging approach: The Mathematical Theory of Communication uses this approach. It is concerned with the transmission of symbols representing a message.

4. The meaning approach: In this approach, the semantic contents of a message are accepted as Information.

5. The Effect approach: This approach says that Information occurs only as a specific effect of a process;

6. The process approach: According to this approach the process information occurs in the human mind when a problem and useful data are brought together.

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