Attitudes of the Librarian

The library must have a trained and qualified librarian and the librarian should have attitudes like love for books serving the readers etc. One of the responsibilities of the librarian is to understand the behavioral pattern of the user; so that he can adopt an appropriate approach to help them fruitfully. The librarian has an overall responsibility for proper functioning of the library.

Attitudes may be two types, positive or negative.

Positive Attitude:

A person/people with positive attitude is / are live a fruit of all seasons, and they have certain personality traits that are easy to recognize They are caring, confident, patient and humble. They have high expectations of themselves and others. They anticipate positive outcomes.

Benefits of Positive Attitude:

  • Fosters team work.
  • Solves problems.
  • Improves quality.
  • Makes for congenial atmosphere.
  • Breeds loyalty.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Makes for a pleasing personality.
  • Helps a person become a contributing member of society and an asset to their country.
  • Fosters better relationships with employers, employees, and customers.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Increases profits.

Negative Attitude:

People with a negative attitude have a hard time keeping friendships, jobs, marriage and relationships. They create a negative environment at home and work and become a liability to society. They also pass on their negative behaviour to others around them and to future generations.

Steps to build Positive Attitude:

Basically, there are three aspects to build and maintain a positive attitude:

  1. Become aware of the principles that build a positive attitude.
  2. Desire to be positive.
    3. Cultivate the discipline and dedication to practice those principles.


For building and maintaining a positive attitude, one needs to consciously practice the following:

Step-1: Change focus, look for the positive.

Step-2: Make a habit of doing (any thing) it now.

Step-3: Develop of an attitude of gratitude.

Step-4: Get into a continuous Education programme.

Step-5: Build a positive self-esteem.

Step-6: Stay away from negative influences.

Step-7: Learn to like the things that need to be done.

Step-8: Start you day with a positive.

Attitudes of the Librarian:

The fundamental Attitude of the Librarian:

  • The foundation of a librarian’s work lies in pursuit of his duties in accordance with the known expectations of society in general and the needs of the users of his library in particular.


Responsibility for users of the library:

  • A librarian should not discriminate between or against library users.
  • A librarian should respect the confidentiality of each library user.


Responsibility for Library Materials:

  • A librarian should honour the freedom of libraries in collecting, preserving, and proffering library materials.
  • A librarian should make it his professional aim to familiarize himself, as far as possible, both in and out of his library, with the materials recording human knowledge and experiences.


Responsibility in Training:

  • A librarian should apply himself to necessary professional training, both as an individual and as a member of a group.


Responsibility as a member of organization:

  • A librarian should actively participate in the formulation of policy in the operation and service programme of his library.
  • A librarian should cooperate with other librarians in efforts to develop group professional competences.
  • Librarians should make efforts to secure labour conditions that are appropriate for the development and pursuit of professional library services.
  • Librarians should make it their aims to develop and maintain understanding and cooperation among libraries of all kinds.
  • Librarians should make due efforts, in association with others, to stimulate the development of the cultural environment in society and the community which they serve by cooperating with local residents and with members of appropriate groups and organizations.
  • Librarians should make every effort to contribute to the development of the whole culture relating to publications and publishing that is responsive to the needs and viewpoints of the public.

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