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Author Catalogue is made of author entries (entries for author) arranged in alphabetical order. For constructing author catalogue, entries with author’s name in heading are field in a section of catalogue cabinet in alphabetical order. Along-with author and joint authors, entries for collaborators, such as editors, translators, compilers, etc. are also taken into consideration. Author catalogue also includes entries for corporate authors. This catalogue is the oldest inner form of library catalogue. It performs two important functions:

  •  i. to provide the availability of a book in the library of which author is known, and
  • ii. to provide information at one place about all the books (acquired in the library) of an author.
It is very important type of library catalogue because author approach is normally a reader’s first approach. The reader may not remember the exact title, but in most of the case he will be in know of the exact name, at least the surname of an author. Moreover, there may be many books under one title, but one author will not write more than one book with the same title. It has only one major limitation : It cannot satisfy a reader who does not know the name of the author of the book he is looking for. this situation is however rare.


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