Automated Library Catalogue

What is Automated Library Catalogue?

With the rapid advancement of modern information technology, libraries try to increase their working force. As a result most of the libraries try to automate all of their library activities through computer/ machine. Use of computed and other information technology increase all of the library activities dramatically. It save the time of library users as well as the time, effort, money and labor of the library personalsThe term ‘Automated Library Catalogue’ is very popular among the LIS professionals as well as LIS students. It is a process, by which libraries convert traditional card catalogue as computerize digital catalogue to a standardized format, i.e. MARC 21 format. An automated catalogue contains same bibliographic information of a traditional card catalogue, but as a computerized digital format.

All the bibliographic information of books and other library materials are stored as electronic format on a database on library server computer, and share this database with other computers of the library. Finally using this computer library users can able to search and retrieve bibliographic information of those collection.

All the component parts are connected with each other via Local Area Network, and can be used only inside in the library premises. Outside uses does not have access this library bibliographic database. Figure 1 clearly shows the working environment of an automated library catalogue.

Figure-1: Working Environment of Automated Catalogue


Why Automated Library Catalogue:

Automated library catalogue is quite new and popular form of Library catalogue. Some of the common advantages of automated library catalogue are:

  • Vast processing capability: You can create vast number of cataloguing entry within a minimum time then the manual catalogue. This system has a great processing capability then the manual system.
  • Greater speed: The main advantage of automated catalogue is, it has a high speed capacity to produce catalogue entry via computer. Within a single moment you can create many catalogue entry.
  • Accuracy and efficiency: All the field of catalogue entries are well defined by the system, as a result there is less chance to mistake.
  • Orderly sorting: You can store all of your bibliographic entry of catalogue card in an orderly form, i.e. Dictionary base, author, title, classified etc.
  • Accelerate search facility: This interface enable the library users to search cataloguing entry more easily then the manual catalogue. Users only have to enter the book or author or class number on the computer screen and then the system will find the bibliographic information very easily.
  • Save time, staff and money: Automated cataloguing system save the time as well as the effort and money of the library users and the staff.
  • Serves the purpose of union catalogue: It is very helpful tool for union catalogue. Using networking technology it possible to share our automated catalogue entry with other libraries.
  • More up-to-date and higher productivity: It is very easy to keep up-to-date the whole automated catalogue database without disturbing the whole collection.
  • Batter standardization and cooperation facilities: This system always maintains standardization of cataloguing entry.


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