Benefits and demerits of Management by Objectives in Library

Benefits of Management by Objectives (MBO) in Library: The MBO system has the following seven
benefits when you introduced in your library and information center,
  1. Improvement in management performance: It ensures managerial efficiency because manager’s commitment to organizations objectives increases as the members are made responsible for the achievement of their set objectives.
  2.  Improvement in planning: This is possible because each manager’s individual goals are made consistent with those of each other and with those of the organization because these are decided in the presence of their superiors. 
  3. Improved coordinate: Improved planning and agreement on tapping of resources needed for the purpose result in better coordination of the organization as a whole. 
  4. Improved control: Improved coordination results in improved control.
  5. Improved Flexibility: Each manager known fully well his own objectives and those of the organization and their priority for them, so improved flexibility is possible.
  6. Improving superior-subordinate Relationships: MBO provides increased opportunities for communication between the superiors and subordinates at various stages, such as at the time of objective-setting and performance appraisal. 
  7. Improves personal Development: MBO provides better opportunities for personal development as it fosters personal responsibility.
Demerits of Management by Objectives:
Though MBO has many merits as we described above it is not unchallenged. Many writers have challenged MBO theory. The main attack against the MBO theory  is that it has been over simplified and it is a theory of job satisfaction and not a complete theory of work motivation and improved job performance second plank of attack is that MBO theory does not take into account other variables which affect job performance such as: valence, expectancy for efforts, reward and satisfaction etc.




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