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If we want bibliography to adequately meet the requirements of bibliographic control or organization, then the bibliography must be complete to the extent possible. Thus, it must cover all forms of published communication and in order to achieve this, it is essential that bibliography consists of parts. Each part must limit itself to one specific nation, and then within each part, sub parts must keep within increasingly narrow limits of either type or form of material. In ultimate terms, the objective of bibliography must be to achieve a complete listing of recorded knowledge, on a national basis and thereby obtain a complete listing for the whole world through cumulations.Library Books

The term bibliographic control means THE MASTERY OVER WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED RECORDS WHICH IS PROVIDED BY AND FOR THE PURPOSES OF BIBLIOGRAPHY. (‘Bibliographic control’ is synonymous with effective access through bibliographies: Thus, a reference to ‘bibliographic control in medicine’ means ‘effective access through bibliographies to sources of medical information’)”. The bibliographical organisation is defined as the pattern of effective arrangement which results from the systematic listing of the records human communication. In India, inspite of our rich literacy heritage, we are yet to transform the institutions of libraries into instruments of mass education. For the first two centuries, we have played the part of helpless spectators and virtually kept out of bound every creative phase of our effective civilization. Under the spell of this class phase, our ancient libraries were considered nothing more than the store houses of dusty books and manuscripts. 15th August, was a red-letter day; a great turning point in India’s political, cultural and economic history. In the field of library services too, tremendous progress was made. Imperial library was renamed as the National Library and the first issue of the Indian National Bibliography was issued in 1958 from Calcutta which may be considered as the first systematic effort on Government level towards the ‘bibliographical organization control’ : The delivery of Books and Newspaper Act of 1954 and 1956 offered a new lease of life to the efforts made by some eminent librarians towards bibliographical organisation and control in India.


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