Bibliographic service in Bangladesh

Present condition of Bibliographic service in Bangladesh
A bibliographic service is define “as the complex of facilities, procedures and devices by which a bibliography may be supplied at a stated time, to fill a distinctive need.”
Bangladesh is a developing country. It’s socio-economic progress fundamentally depends on effective use of national resources by systematic research. For this, correct information are essential. For correct information, sound and available bibliographical service is need. But there has no full bibliographical service system in Bangladesh. There has no institution that can serve a sound bibliographical service.
The bibliographical services in some library and information center are discuss below:
The National Library of Bangladesh:
1. Date of establishment: 1st November of 1985.
2. Number of personnel: National Library and National Archives are directed by a  director. Present man power are:
  • 25 professional personnel.
  • 20 pro-professional personnel.
  • 29 non-professional personnel.
3. Total collection: Total collection at present are:
  • Books- 2,00,000 copies.
  • Bind periodical- 3,000 copies.
  • Current periodical- 3,000 title.
  • Daily and weekly Newspaper- 70 copies.
4. Aims: The aims that are determined for the National Library of Bangladesh are given below:
  • To collect national publication.
  • To collect foreign literature published in Bangladesh.
  • To preserve collecting materials.
  • To act as a center for inter library loan.
  • To build co-operation among the library services of the country.
  • To act as an international exchange center.
5. Bibliographical services of Bangladesh National Library:
  • It has been compiling bibliography annually from 1974, and at present the total publications of its are 12. It includes books, periodicals, booklets (pamphlets), etc. published in Bangladesh.
  • It gives bibliographical service by publishing the index of treatises or books.

 1. Full Name: Bangladesh National Scientific and Technical Documentation Center.
2. Date of establishment: 1963 A.D.
3. Number of personnel: 20 personnel.
4. Aims: It is situated for giving reference service to the scientist of the country including technician, teachers, and with different researcher of technology, agricultural scientist etc.
5. Bibliographical services of BANSDOC:
  • To supply subject bibliography on demand compiling on different branches of National  science.
  • It compiling index and abstract of the information collected from abroad and serves the users.
  • It compile bibliographical information of microfilm or photocopies about science and technology.
  • It gives translation services of science and technology on request.
  • It supply the complete bibliography on request compiled on different scientific seminar and symposium.
  • .It compiles the bibliography of science and technology, union catalogue, index annual report, index of periodicals, etc.
1. Name of the Library:  Library of center on Integrated Rural Development for Asia & Pacific.
2. Date of establishment: 7th July. 1979.
3. Number of personnel: 6 (six) personnel.
4. Total collection:
  • Books and documents- 12,000.
  • Clippings- 6,000.
  • Clippings of Newspaper- 600.
  • Current description of title- 346.

5. Aims: To help the researchers of this institute by collecting all kinds of information about local development of the countries that are the member of this institution, situated in the Asia & pacific.

6. Bibliographic service of CIRDAP,L:
  • It compiles bibliography of the books and periodicals published on local development from different countries of the world.
  • It gives local bibliographical services.
  • It has published ‘A selected bibliography on Integrated rural development’ in 1982 and 1984.
  • It gives photocopying services without any cost on demand of the users.
***Institute of Bangladesh Studies Library*** 
1. Date of establishment: 1974 A.D.
2. Collections:
  • Books- 14,000
  • Periodicals- 45.
  • Microfilm- 1,463

3. Aims: It is situated for researching on various branches of Arts, Science, Commerce, and non experimental science like Mathematics, Statistics, Geography, Psychology and to give M.Fel & PHD degree.

4. Bibliographical services of Institute of Bangladesh Studies Library:
  • It compiles subject bibliography on demend of the researchers and users.
  • It collects information on different subject related to Bangladesh and compiled index and abstract on them.
  • It preserves information of the research that are doing in the country or abroad.


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