Book Acquisition Methods of Library

Book Acquisition Methods of Various Library.

Book acquisition means the methods by which collection is build or added to the stock of library.

This methods may be:
Figure: Book Acquisition
  • By purchases;
  • Gift and donation;
  • Exchange;
  • Inter library loan;
  • Deposit on copyright law (Only for National Library)
1. By purchases: More enhance is now it laid on selection and acquisition to purchase. Most librarians try to purchase necessary reading material for library according to libraries annual budgets, for this the librarian orders books to the publisher. But you have to maintain some order routine before ordering.
Such as:
  • Which gives the maximum discount.
  • Which gives speedy service.
  • Which gives bill in local account.
  • Which is most prompt in rectifying mistake.
2. Gifts and donations:
Gifts and donation are valuable source of enriching the libraries book collection. No library can effort to purchase all reading materials, which are needed by the users. So the library relies to some extend on acquiring publication through the methods. Many rising and valuable materials can be get through this process. Some policies are maintained for gifted materials. Such as:

  • Gift should be examined in relation to the purpose and programe of the library on a long range basis.
  • All gifts materials must be properly organised like purchase materials.
  • Gift indicating ‘received on donation’ should be acknowledge thanking a donner.

3. Exchange: Exchange is another important method of building up the library collection. It comprised those which the library can exchange with some other library. Libraries attested to some learned societies institutions will have their own publication to offer exchange. It is the only way overcoming international barriers. In search a number of purpose. Such as:

  • Procurement of out-of-print and rare books, that can-not-obtain from any other sources.
  • Acquiring publication, which are not for sale or not distributed in the usual book trade channel. i.e. foreign government publication and reports.
  • Obtaining own government publication on a regular basics.
  • Using the best advantage the duplications of a library as well as it owns publications.

4. Inter library loans: Inter library loans means changing library materials between two or more libraries. In recent year there have been very large number of increase in the large publication appearing in the marketing. It is general accepted now that to speed of some sufficiency in the face of such quantities materials is absorb. In this process of obtaining material through inter-lending scheme is an important source of collection development. In this aspect the librarians service as following.

  • His aim must be acquired for stock of the material, which are library to be most frequently use.
  • He will be influences by knowledge or what is available in other institutions in the locality.
  • He will also be aware of the possibility for borrowing both national and international.

5. Deposit on copy-right law: Some reading materials are deposited only for National Library on copyright law. Through only National Library can get the opportunity,, but other library can also collect this type of library on permission of National Library.



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  1. Sir your site is very informative.
    I have a querry, recently I have join a school as a librarian , as this is my first job regarding this post. I need some tips about the full process of acquistion of text books and reference books.
    Thank you in advance

    1. Hello Dear,
      Nice to meet you. First of all, the book acquisition process is a very complex issue, and it differs from library to library and country to country according to the needs and demands of the stakeholders. As I am working as a library officer at a University library in Bangladesh, It’s challenging to guide you as you live in a different country. But I can suggest you http://www.lislinks.com where you can get this kind of helps. LIS professionals from India can help you.

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