It is the art of attaching stout covers by means of tapes or cords to the books for their protection and convenience of handling. This practice originated when the codex form displaced the rolled manuscript. These Bookboards or cover, which may be of wood, millboard, straboard; parchment or similar durable material, are usually made attractive by coverings which in turn may receive ornamentation of various kinds. The coverings of the boards have been traditionally of leather of goat, sheep, calf, pig, or deer skin, and textiles, such as velvet or coarsely woven material like buckram. Ornamentation like metal work, carved ivory, were in use. Gold tooling (Italy), Pointille of Morocco leather, Dentelle (lace borders around a plain centre panel) were also used. In 1830 the craft binding was introduced. In modern times, plastic binding, spiral binding, surface binding are in use.


Md. Ashikuzzaman

Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.

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