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Borrowers Register

A record of those persons who have been issued membership cards or tickets, entitling them to borrow books from a library. In libraries using a book issue record which identifies readers by a number, the alphabetical and numerical files are needed. If readers numbers are not used in charging, a simple alphabetical file is found to be sufficient. Borrower register is also used for issuing books. It is also called as Ledger register. In small libraries having a small number of borrowers, the page number is allotted to a group of borrowers or the individualRegister borrower and all transactions of loan (issue and return) of books is made on this register. In fact it is a record of the borrowings. In case of large libraries this register is maintained by faculty in college libraries and authorities in public libraries.

Borrower register is prepared of good quality of ledger paper and are hardbound. It has many columns:

     1. Date

    2. Author of book

    3. Title of book

    4. Class number

    5. Accession number

    6. Signature of the borrowers.

Some libraries also incorporate the following columns:

    1. Date

    2. Accession number

    3. Signature of the borrower.


Md. Ashikuzzaman

Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.

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