Call for IFLA Green Library Award 2017

IFLA Green Library Award 2017

The IFLA Environmental Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group is on a mission. It hopes to address the effects of climate change on libraries, share the application of environmental practices, and increase environmental awareness among librarians.

IFLA’s Environmental Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group (ENSULIB) is pleased to announce the winner of the IFLA Green Library Award 2017.

Objectives of the IFLA Green Library Award:

  1. To reward the best Green Library submission that communicates the library’s commitment to environmental sustainability
  2. To create awareness of libraries’ social responsibility and leadership in environmental education.
  3. Libraries of all types are encouraged to participate
  • To support the worldwide Green Library movement,
  • concerned with environmentally sustainable buildings environmentally sustainable information resources and programming.
  • conservation of resources and energy.

4. To promote the development of Green Libraries initiatives locally and world wide

5. To encourage Green Libraries to actively present their activities to an international audience.

Submission type allow:

  • Essay
  • Video
  • Poster
  • Article
  • Set of Slides
  • Others….,


Submission Language allow:

  • Arabic,
  • Chinese
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish


Submission deadline:

Applications must be submitted before 30 April 2017 to the following address.

 Dr. Petra Hauke, ENSULIB secretary

Hochkalterweg 3a

D-12107 Berlin, Germany


Application Form Download Link: Click here

Official Site: IFLA Green Library



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