Categories of Indexing System

Simply stated, indexing is the procedure that produces entries in an index. Indexing system can be categorized into flowing two groups:
a. Assigned Term Indexing System:
In this system, an indexer must assign terms or descriptors on the basis of subjective interpretation of the concepts implied in the document, and in so doing will have to use some intellectual efforts. Indexers determine the subject matter of the document and then decide what terms in their own filtered vocabulary control devices such as subject heading lists, thesauri, and classification scheme are assigned term system. This system is so called artificial language system.
b. Derived Term Indexing system:
Derived term system involves use of authors actual words as descriptors, without modification. Thus, author index, title indexes, citation indexes and automatic index are derived term system. Derived term systems are sometimes called natural language or free text indexing or indexing by extraction.

Md. Ashikuzzaman

Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.


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