• Photo of EDUBLOG


    EduBlog and it’s features The usage of Blogs has become popular in educational institutions including public schools and colleges. Blogs can be important tools for sharing useful information and tips among co-workers, dispersing information to students, or keeping in contact with parents. Teachers can create, monitor and edit Blogs to ensure that the postings are relevant and pertain to the classroom. With weblogs, students can…

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  • Photo of Multimedia: It’s Components and Applications

    Multimedia: It’s Components and Applications

    The word multimedia is derived from the terms, multi, and media. Multi means many. Media refers to any hardware or software used for communication. Multimedia is the field concerned with the computer-controlled integration of the text, graphics, drawings, still and moving images (Video), animations, audio, etc., where all kinds of information could be represented, stored, transmitted and processed digitally. Components of Multimedia: i) Text: It…

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  • Photo of E-Learning


    1. 1 Introduction: E-learning may be defined as ‘the instruction delivered via a computer that is intended to promote learning’. E-learning is commonly referred to as the international use of networked Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching and learning. It may be considered as a backbone for all educational programs and includes online learning, virtual learning, distributed learning, web-based learning, Blog based learning, etc.…

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  • Photo of Impact of ICT in Education

    Impact of ICT in Education

    Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in Education Technological resources that are available for teaching and learning include computer hardware and software in addition to CD-ROM and electronic communication media. The rapidly changing the nature of computer technology continues to a wide range of resources available for any subject-specific learning. Technology has an important role in every aspect of modern life. The technological device finds its…

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  • Photo of Capacity building for library professionals

    Capacity building for library professionals

    1.1 Introduction: Capacity building includes man-machine interfaces in organizations. It enhances operating efficiency and skills of personnel, which leads to the excellence of the organization. At the same library, capacity is emphasized in community building. According to LIS, to meet the high-level needs of users, community capacity building woes huge reformation, restructuring, renovation of systems, services, information infrastructures of Library and Information centers. In accordance…

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  • Photo of Periodical service in college libraries

    Periodical service in college libraries

    1.0 College libraries: Higher education is one of the complex systems of the whole process of education, which facilitates teaching, research, extension, and understanding. In academic education, college is the middle of the school and university. So College library is most important for young generations, for developing ideas. (periodical) 1.1) Definitions: College: “The dictionary of education edited by C.V. Good defines the term ‘college’ as:…

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  • Photo of Serial Acquisition in Library

    Serial Acquisition in Library

    “Serial acquisition and ordering is the most difficult phase of serials management. A number of channels and alternatives are found in the field. To obtain periodicals through appropriate channels is the responsibilities devolve not only on the librarian but also on those who are engaged in library management. Basically, there are six means of acquiring periodicals to libraries 1) By purchase from a local bookshop…

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  • Photo of Thesaurus : An overview

    Thesaurus : An overview

    1.0 Definition of Thesaurus: Derivationally the word thesaurus originated from the Greek language and symbolized the concept of treasury or storehouse of knowledge. The Webster’s dictionary has defined it as, ‘a useful literary collection or selection especially a book of synonyms and antonyms.’ (Webster, 1987). The Unesco has defined the thesaurus as, ‘a vocabulary of controlled indexing language formally organized so that the a priori…

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  • Photo of Knowledge Management

    Knowledge Management

    Knowledge Management The KM is a process through which knowledge creation, acquisition & sharing takes place. It is used to enhance learning and performance of an organization. Knowledge management is essential to enhance creativity and entrepreneurship building, helps in change management, and staff empowerment. With decreased product life cycles, environmental complexity and increased volatility, the need to manage knowledge is intensifying, particularly across the value…

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  • Photo of Interlibrary Loan Service

    Interlibrary Loan Service

    Interlibrary Loan The idea is to communicate the patron of the library with a feeling that when he enters the portal of library, he is as it, entering the portals of all libraries not only of his country but also of the world at large. It is the dictate of modern librarianship that has improved access to information enhancing the libraries mission .There will always…

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