ICT and Information

  • ICT and Education

    Impact of ICT in Education

    Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in Education Technological resources that are available for teaching and learning include computer hardware and software in addition to CD-ROM and electronic communication media. The rapidly changing the nature of computer technology continues to a wide range of resources available for any subject-specific learning. Technology has an important role in every aspect of modern life. The technological device finds its…

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  • Ontology: meaning and definition

    1.1 Introduction: An ontology is a conceptual representation of a worldview and this world view is highly contextual. The scope of the world could be limited or expansive. Also, it could be a real world or an imaginary world (LIU & OZSU, 2009). Ontologies represent the world view with a graphical structure (“Intro to Ontologies – OSF Wiki,” n.d.). From a philosophical point of view,…

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  • Blog and Blogging

    Blog and it’s Features

    Definition and description: Blogs were one of the earliest and most effective means of communication in the social media sphere, besides forums. The Dictionary defines blog as “a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts).” The Merriam-Webster Dictionary1 (MWD) defines a blog as a ‘Web site on which someone writes about personal opinions,…

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  • Social Media

    Social Media

    What is Social Media? In 1981, much before the dawn of social networks, a psychologist in Ohio State University, Bibb Latane coined the Social Impact Theory after conducting a series of experiments to validate his hypothesis on how ‘influence’ works. However, the words “social media” was first used in 2005 depicting interest in the growth of inter-relational parts of the Internet. It is different from…

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  • ICT Services in Library

    Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Academic Libraries

    1.1 The Background: In the present age of information explosion, the growth rate of information and knowledge is faster than ever before and still accelerating. Information is a dynamic and unending resource that affects all disciplines of human life. Hence, it has been supporting education, research, and developments (Satyanarayana, 2002). Libraries have always been the source of information and knowledge and they have been fulfilling…

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  • ICT Skills of Librarian

    ICT Skills for LIS Professionals

    The new generation academic librarians grow up with the electronic online environment, which is ubiquitous in their daily lives. The flexibility of younger academic librarians is more for technology-oriented services compared to their older colleagues, not interested in stereotyped librarianship, more interested in technology-enabled services (Emanuel, 2013). Playing with digital video or video games is more than traditional games, using and connected with friends through…

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  • Impact of ICT in Library and Society

    Impact of Information and Communication Technology-ICT 1. Impact of ICT on Society: Developments in ICT have brought about the merger of the computing, information, Communications, entertainment, and mass media industries thereby providing a means of exchanging information anytime, anywhere in the digital format used by computers. This technological convergence has brought about an enormous impact on the way we live, work, think and play. These…

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  • Impact of ICT in the library

    Why is ICT Needed in Libraries?

    Needs of ICT in the Library. The emerging trends of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and its application explore the opportunity to make more efficient the functions and services of Libraries. These paradigm changes have not only specified new exploratory and innovations thoughts of managing the functions and services of Libraries but also create an unprecedented challenging environment for professionals and information officers to fulfill the…

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  • ICT Based Library Services

    Some library users are adopting electronic habits, making increasing use of the new ICT including computers, the Internet, the Web, Intranet, Extranet, and other technologies. As a result, library users are placing new demands on their libraries. They require access to the latest information, updated information resources and access to ICT facilities that they could use in their work. Use of ICT in libraries enhances…

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  • ICT in Library

    Areas of ICT Application in Libraries

    The explosion of computer and communication technologies, which are referred to as information communication technology (ICT) has affected almost all aspects of human life including the library. Libraries have been looking forward to better technologies even before the onset on the computers. Ranganathan’s five laws of the Library Science stipulate that the documents of the library should have maximum numbers of users, with the application…

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