Library Science

  • Culture education and public library

    Role of Public Library in Educational & cultural development of a nation

    Role of Public Library in cultural development of a nation: Culture is a peculiar term to define. It is easily understood but difficult to perceive. Culture is the essence of knowledge and education. This is got from information. Public Library is a source of such information for the cultural changes of a Nation. The cultural growth can be initiated by the Public Library as follows;…

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  • Social Development

    Role of public library in the social development of a nation

    The paintings, sculpture and other arts provided a first high way of communications in constructing the idea in its original form. But with the provision of books whether be it palm leaf swan together, the papyrus of sheepskin scroll or printed pages bound between covers, the book has given a permanent, easily accessible record of thought. What is more, it is compact and thus easy…

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  • Public library for the success of democracy

    Public library plays a vital role in the success of democracy. There are many similarities in the definitions, objectives, and functions of a public library with democracy. They are interdependent with each other. The term democracy derives from the Greek words Demos the people and Krotos power. “It is a government by the people; also a community so governed.” forms of government in general and…

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  • Digital Repository

    Digital Repository

    Introduction: We are in the age of digital environment where Information Technology (IT) has been used extensively to record, store, and disseminate the information in the digital form. The IT has almost converted the world into a global village. The revolution in the IT sector is influencing the information industry also. The Libraries are also changing to meet the demand put on it. The new…

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  • Digital Library Services

    Digital Library Services Today we live in a world of instant global communication. Everyone is well known with the technological developments that have come with dazzling rapidity. New techniques for recording and transmitting texts, sound or visual images have proliferated. Digital technology has created prodigious capacities to store, disseminate and retrieve knowledge. This technology provides unprecedented possibilities for communication between people as well as for…

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  • Translation Service

    Library Translation Service

    Translation Service “Translation” means a written work expressed in a language other than the language in which it was originally composed. The purpose of translation is to make a document accessible to those who have insufficient knowledge of a language to be able to comprehend the text in its original form. One of the main characteristics of modern science is said to be its international…

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  • Reading Room Service

    Library reserve room service

    Reserve Room Service The reserve collection is the name given in academic libraries to the collection of books and other materials that are kept in a controlled collection and circulated for short time periods, such as a few hours or a few days. Reserve service guarantees that assigned material will be available for students to use when it is needed. Reserve rooms are also used…

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  • Library Circulation Service

    Circulation Service Circulation is defined by Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary as “orderly movement through a circuit.” In a library, circulation is the orderly movement in the form of a process of lending books to borrowers and then accurately re-shelving them after they have been returned so that it can be retrieved by the next user. The circulation department in a library is the department…

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  • Interlibrary loan

    Interlibrary Loan Service

    Interlibrary Loan The idea is to communicate the patron of the library with a feeling that when he enters the portal of library, he is as it, entering the portals of all libraries not only of his country but also of the world at large. It is the dictate of modern librarianship that has improved access to information enhancing the libraries mission .There will always…

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  • Reference Service

    Library Reference Service

    Reference Service: Information is recorded in a variety of documents like books, reports, periodicals, digests, theses, standards, patents and so on. A reader may need a specific type of information for a specific purpose. The number of documents produced is very large, so it is impossible for the reader to keep track of its variety and location. Users, often spend much time in locating information…

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