Library Services

  • Library Services for Disable People

    Library Services for Disabled Persons

    Definition of Disability: Disability means ‘incapacity to perform any activities in the usual or within the range considered normal for a human being’. A disability (or lack of a given ability, as the “dis” qualifier denotes) in humans may be physical, cognitive/mental, sensory, emotional, developmental or some combination of these. A common man can see with eyes, hear with ears, perform tasks, speak with tongue…

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  • Social Networking sites and Library Services

    Library Services through Social Networking Sites

    Providing possible Library Services through Social Networking Sites The benefits of social networking sites can be used as the best tools to provide library services to its users. But most of the users of the library are not aware of such services. The LIS Professionals can create awareness of these services to be provided to the users. The benefits of SNSs can be used to…

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  • Motivation

    Motivation, Job Satisfaction and Qualitative Development of Library

    1.1 Introduction: Development of an organization largely depends on the developments of its human resource therein. Both developments are directly related to each other. Institutional development depends on infrastructure, administrative boosters, financial strength and most importantly the effective and efficient utilization of the human resources. In any organization developments of employees depends on the mandate and scope of the institution, the support from the authority…

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  • Periodical

    Periodical service in college libraries

    1.0 College libraries: Higher education is one of the complex systems of the whole process of education, which facilitates teaching, research, extension, and understanding. In academic education, college is the middle of the school and university. So College library is most important for young generations, for developing ideas. (periodical) 1.1) Definitions: College: “The dictionary of education edited by C.V. Good defines the term ‘college’ as:…

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  • Library Performence

    Library performance measurement

    1. Introduction: Libraries and Information Centre is a service organization, which requires constant transformation in order to exist in the fast changing world today. Presently the library professionals are very keen in assessing the library, its components, processes, services and their performance at regular intervals to make sure that the library meets its objective and satisfying their users with needed information in time. Libraries assess…

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  • LibQual+

    Application of LibQUAL+® in Academic Libraries

    Introduction: Academic and research libraries are currently engaging in activities to try to define new metrics that better describe their service activities. Increased pressure from funding authorities and accreditation agencies, and greater than before demands from the users of services have encouraged academic and research institutions, and thus their libraries, to move towards more outcome-based assessment instead of relying merely on input, output, or resource…

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  • Digital Library Services

    Digital Library Services: Today we live in a world of instant global communication. Everyone is well known with the technological developments that have come with dazzling rapidity. New techniques for recording and transmitting texts, sound or visual images have proliferated. Digital technology has created prodigious capacities to store, disseminate and retrieve knowledge. This technology provides unprecedented possibilities for communication between people as well as for…

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  • Translation Service

    Library Translation Service

    Translation Service “Translation” means a written work expressed in a language other than the language in which it was originally composed. The purpose of translation is to make a document accessible to those who have insufficient knowledge of a language to be able to comprehend the text in its original form. One of the main characteristics of modern science is said to be its international…

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  • Reading Room Service

    Library reserve room service

    Reserve Room Service The reserve collection is the name given in academic libraries to the collection of books and other materials that are kept in a controlled collection and circulated for short time periods, such as a few hours or a few days. Reserve service guarantees that assigned material will be available for students to use when it is needed. Reserve rooms are also used…

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  • Reprographic Service

    Reprographic Service The term reprography was first introduced as “office printing.” at the First International Congress on Reprography held in Cologne, Germany in 1963. Landau defines it as the art of producing single or multiple copies of documents whether by photographic or other means.” Harrod gives a more comprehensive definition as “the reproduction in facsimile of documents of all kind by any process using light,…

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