Characteristics and Indicators of Knowledge Society

A knowledge society is one that creates, shares, and uses knowledge for the prosperity and well-being of its people. A knowledge society is believed to have the following
  1. Its members have attained a higher average standard of education in comparison to other societies and a growing proportion of its labour forces are employed as knowledge workers.
  2. Its industry produces products with integrated artificial intelligence.
  3. Its organizations –private, government and civil society are transformed into intelligent organizations.
  4. There is increased organized knowledge in the form of digitalized expertise, stored in data banks, expert systems, organizational plans and other media.
  5. There are multiple centers of expertise and a poly-centric production of knowledge.
  6. There is a distinct epistemic culture of knowledge production and knowledge utilization.
  7. The price of most commodities is determined by the knowledge needed for their development and sale rather than by the raw material and physical labour that is needed to produce them.
  8. A large portion of the population attains higher education.
  9. A vast majority of the population have access to information and communication technology and Internet.
  10. A large portion of the labour forces are knowledge workers, who need a higher degree of education and experience to perform their job well.
  11. Both individuals and the state invest heavily in education and research and development; and
  12. Organizations are forced to innovate continually.
Indicators of knowledge society:A number of knowledge society indicators have been developed. The most popular indicators used are:

  • Qualitative measurement of the use of and access to modern ICTs.
  • Educational attainment;
  • The number of scientists in a country;
  • The amount of investment on Research & developments as a percentage of the gross domestic product (GDP);
  • The ability to produce and export high technology;
  • The number of patents field in a country; and
  • The number of articles published in highly ranked scholarly


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