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Criteria for book selection for Library

Criteria for book selection for Library:
The following rules and policies may be generally followed in public library for selection and procurement of books.

1. The needs, interest, requirements, tastes, habits, special characteristics, cultural and radical elements, vocations, specially the main vocations of the community served by the library, are to be studied thoroughly.

2. The librarian should have a thorough knowledge about subjects or topics of present interest of the readers.

3. Books on all subjects that apply to conditions of continuity and reflect their interests must be selected.

4. More books and literature on local history must be added to the collection as their demand will be more.

5. Books of interest of various organized groups must be procured.

6. Books should be selected, looking into the needs, wants, demands and requirements of actual and potential readers. Books should also to be acquired in anticipation of future demand.

7. The librarian should avoid selection of books for which very little or no demand exists.

8. Books of permanent value and great works of literature must be added to the stock of the library whether or not in present demand as they will have wide use.

9. Books should be selected impartially and without biases. No favoritism is to be shown on any special hobbies or opinions in the selection of books.

10. There should be suitable standards for evaluation of all books.

11. Books that meet the needs of the specialists or others who work benefit the community must be provided.

12. Preference must be given to an interior book in selection on any subject or topic if it is assigned that it will have a large readership than superior book on the same topic or subject that will not be read at all.

13. The librarian should be fully aware of the changing trends, current thought and opinion and give adequate representation to the scientific, social and intellectual forces that are reshaping the modern world.

14. Administrative efficiency should be gained is such a way that it enables prompt and regular supply of newly published books.

15. No attempt should be made to build up a comprehensive collection.

16. Only best books on a subject, the best book of an author and the the most useful volumes of a series are to be selected.

17. Books should be selected only in the languages which the present and the prospective readers of the public library can read.



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