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Definition and types of e-resources


An electronic resource is defined as a resource which require computer access or any electronic product that delivers a collection of data, be it text referring to full text bases, electronic journals, image collections, other multimedia products and numerical, graphical or time based, as a commercially available title that has been published with an aim to being marketed. These may be delivered on CD ROM, on tape, via internet and so on. Over the past few years, a numbers of techniques and related standards have been developed which allow documents to be created and distributed in electronic form. Hence to cope with the present situation, librarians are shifting towards new media, namely electronic resources for their collection developments that the documents of users are better fulfilled. The e-resources on magnetic and optical media have a vast impact on the collections of University libraries. These are more useful due to inherent capabilities for manipulation and searching, providing information access is cheaper to acquiring information resources, savings in storage and maintenance etc. and sometimes the electronic form is the only alternative.
E-resources (electronic resource) is that, “Information (usually a file) which can be stored in the form Electrical signal usually, but not necessary on a computer.
Types of e-resources: The e-resources are basically divided in two major types are:
1. Online e-resources, which may include:
  • E-journal (Full text & bibliographic)
  • E-books
  • Online databases
  • Web sites
2. Other electronic resources may include:
  • CD ROM
  • Diskettes
  • Other portable computer databases.


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