Difference between Book index and Periodical index.

Book index and Periodical indexing are two aspects of indexing system. Those have many differences. Some of them are mention below:

Book IndexPeriodical index
Compiled only once and within a relatively short time and usually performed by a person.A continuous process and more often performed by a term of indexers and lasting for an extended period.
Deals with a more or less well-defined central topic.Deals with a great variety of topics.
Indexing terms are almost always derived from the text.Terminology must be consistent and derived from controlled vocabulary.
Specificity is largely governed by the text itself.Terms are prescribed be a controlled vocabulary and their level of specificity may be lower than the book index.
Every single page of a book must be read.Articles are scanned for indexable items and may rely on an abstract or summary compiled.
Entire text is virtually subject to indexing.A periodical index will depend on a number of policy decisions.
Always bound with the intended text.Compiled separately.


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