Difference between General and Subject Encyclopaedia

The main differences between general encyclopaedia and subject encyclopaedias are shown in table:

        General Encyclopaedia         Subject Encyclopaedia
General encyclopaedias contain a of articles and provide essential information about all the brunches of knowledge.The scope of subject encyclopaedias is limited to a clearly defined branch of knowledge.
The level of treatment is likely to be non-technical and general in nature.The level of treatment is likely to be highly technical or scholarly.
The generally cover the broader field of knowledge for all types of users.They cover a narrow field of knowledge accessed to either specialist or non-specialist users.
They are arranged in either alphabetical order or classified order.They are generally in alphabetical order.
They are for general readers.They are designed. to satisfy the information needs of the specialists.
They are occasionally revised to bring new editions. Annuals or supplements are brought out to keep them up-to-date.They are published in abundance in all subjects to satisfy the user’s demand due to knowledge explosion.
The cost is high to produce an authoritative general encyclopaedia.The cost of publishing is less due to limited scope and coverage.
They are generally considered as proper source for research.They are generally considered as proper source of research.


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  1. Please can I get a pdf copy of this table(difference between general encyclopedia and subject encyclopedia) ?

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