Index VS Abstract: Comparative Study between Index & Abstract.
An abstract is a real surrogate of the document. By skimming abstract user get an idea about the real document without reading the whole from the beginning to the end. Unlike an abstract, an index can not replace the original and acts as a guide to it. The index is a gate and not a real surrogate of the original document. It provides only the entry points to the users of the literature during their search for information.
An index consists of short indention of information with an adequate bibliographical citation.Whereas abstract consists of concise representation of an original document with adequate bibliographic details
Index help to locate the required information.Abstract helps to locate as well as select the required item.
The index is only used for fact-finding.Abstract is also used for searching document and at the same time, it also insists the user to read the real document.
An index is usually indicative.On the other hand, abstract plays a role as not only indicative but to informative.
An Index is not a real surrogate of the documentWhereas informative abstract can be claimed so.

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