Difference between Knowledge Classification and Book Classification

Knowledge Classification: A classification used for any branch of knowledge, but which cannot be adapted for classifying books until a generalia class, form classes and divisions, a notation, and an index have been added.

Book Classification: A general term covering bibliographical classification. Mostly refers to library classification for arrangements of books and documents on the shelves. Usually a board board classification.

Difference between Knowledge classification and book classifications are listed below:

Knowledge ClassificationBook Classification
It arranges knowledge on the basis of evaluating and classified thoughts, ideas and concepts for universal purpose.It arranges expression of the knowledge.
It represents adequately the field of human learning.Expression preserved in written records, documents with specific purpose.
It is based on preconceived ideas, essentially superficial.It provides adequate subject approach to the existing collection.
Knowledge classification id multidimensional.It has to be one dimensional from left to right along the shelf.
Reality cannot be classified, only our knowledge of it exists as expressed thoughts.It is a convenient device for location of known workers.
The terms which are un-linear, must be set down before classification can be made.Book classification can be constructed by producing helpful arrangement and based on the ‘order of nature”.
It is mental planning of the thought (subject).It is a transcribing of thoughts in subjects.
It consists of main branch of universe of knowledge.It consists of terms of the knowledge.
It is human mental faculty.It contains words and phrases used for human mental faculties.
It is homogeneous region of the universe of knowledge.It is a first array of schemes and each term of array makes a great area of knowledge.
It is based on personal theories and a new doctrine might upset.It is based on systems and new doctrines facilitate the way of book classification.


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