Difference between Library catalogue and Bibliography

Difference between Library catalogue and Bibliography:

Library Catalogue vs.

Contains call number. (class number + Author mark)
Do not contain any of them.
Contains 1st, 2nd and 3rd indention.
Generally contains only one running indention.
Confined to the collection of a particular library or a group of
libraries in case of Union Catalogue.
Not confined to any collection, materials listed may or may not be
available in any library of the world.
Generally a list of books only there can also be a catalogue of
journal or periodicals held in a library.
List article published in periodicals, books, reports, documents,
monographs and other materials.
Cannot be selecting.
May be either selecting for comprehensive.
May be in either online, micro-fetch, printed or card form.
Found mostly in book or printed form- computer may also produce a
Always contains added entries.
Does not generally contain added entries.
The class catalogue of a large library may be used as a book
selection tools for smaller or new libraries.
Works as the major book selection aid.
Served research needs.
Works as the major tools of research.
Contains subject headings.
Also contains subject headings, particularly in subject bibliography
in which entries are arranged by subject, author, and title.
Contains information of illustration, high, bibliography, index,
series, and ISBN number.
Dose not contains them, series and ISBN number may be mention.
May contain notes for special type of information, i.e. if the book
was serialized in any periodical; if the work is publish under different
title by a different publisher in some other country etc.
Does not contain that form of notes. As annotated bibliography
contain brief summary of the work.
Prepared on the basis of a code, i.e. ASCR2, ALA49, L.C (Library of
Congress) etc.
Prepared on the basis of some system or method.



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