Difference between Natural Classification and Artificial Classification

Natural Classification VS Artificial Classification.


Natural Classification: One in which qualities which are either inborn/intrinsic or are essential to the existence of the thing or things to be divided are adopted as the ‘difference’ or characteristic of arrangement,e.g. dividing ‘living creatures’ into invertebrates and vertebrates. One which exhibits the inherent properties of the things classified, and which groups or separates them according to their natural likeness or unlikeness.
Artificial Classification: One in which some accidental thing is adopted as the “difference”, for example, the size of a book.


Natural ClassificationArtificial Classification
1. Classification based on important points of similarity.Classification according to some unimportant or less important points of resemblance.
2. It is grouping of thesis according to nature’s plan and order.Grouping of things according to the purpose of individual concerned.
3. It is an objective classification.It is an subjective classification.
4. It is for general purpose.It is subjective purpose.
5. Natural classification is a language of ideas, mind and thoughts.Book classification is a language of ordinary numbers.
6. It is expressed through methods of expression, not merely through words.It is expressed through words, figure language, cyber language.
7. It is designed for extensive thoughts and knowledge.It is designed for specific purpose of mechanizing arrangement.

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