Difference between SDI and CAS

Selective Dissemination of Information VS Current Awareness Service:
SDI is a form of CAS. The objectives of both services is to keep the users well-informed and up-to-date in their field of research. CAS is the awareness service. It makes the user aware of the current developments that are taking place in his area of interest. Whereas SDI deals with providing the exact or pinpointed information. It is not possible to state the exact information in case of CAS, whereas it necessary to state the exact information need of the user in SDI. SDI is an advance type of current awareness service which is directed towards the individuals. Both the services are based on availability of current literature. SDI is a personalized service and is directed towards the individuals or homogeneous group, whereas CAS is awareness service which is directed towards all the users who need it. CAS is provided by circulating the current list of periodicals among all the users, whereas SDI service is based on matching the user’s profile with the document profile. SDI is a selective service based on the exact information need of the user, whereas in CAS all the information is circulated to the user on the given topic. CAS can be provided without computer, whereas SDI is a computerized service. Feedback is an important step is providing SDI service, whereas that is not required in CAS.


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  1. Hi,
    May I know if is there any commercial platform/software for SDI where it can be used to sort the data/publication before it can be sent to the users?
    I am looking for a platform in which SDI can be conducted automatically.
    Thank you.

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