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Download Pre-Installed Koha on Ubuntu

Koha Integrated Library Management System:

Koha is a full-featured Integrated Library System(ILS). there is no cost for the license, you have the freedom to modify the product to adapt it to your needs, etc. Developed initially in New Zealand by Katipo Communications with Horowhenua Library Trust. It is currently maintained by a dedicated team of software providers and library technology staff from around the globe. That by adopting it, the customer becomes “joint owner ” of the product. In particular, the customer can freely install new versions or not, and can take part in new developments by financing them or by carrying them out them self.

Koha download for your PC:

You can download Koha live DVD by click following link. This DVD’s are uploaded to Google drive, and you are allowed there a free access. This DVD did not need any internet connections on installation. All of the components are already installed on DVD.

Live Mode User Name: koha_library

Live Mode Password: koha123

Koha Customization Guide: Download here

Installation Guide:

(You can install this version of the Virtual box.)



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