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All about Electronic Library (E-Library)

What is Electronic Library / E-Library

An electronic library is allows users, to read or refer any published items from their residence or office or college via internet. Users are no need to visit the library directly for their reference.Elibrarys

There are some definitions or explanations for e-library defined by some eminent personalities and publications of standard institutions for e-library. According to the features and functionality, the E-library defined as follows.

A-Z of Library Jargon of oxford Brookes University define the term E-library as, Section of the Library Web pages which provides access to databases, electronic journals, electronic books and electronic newspapers.

National Diet library, Japan is defined the “electronic library concept” as “a library which provides primary and secondary information electronically through communications networks and the basis for this purpose.” Putting emphasis on the library as a mode of service, electronic library service, including in-library services, is broadly defined as “service which enables library users to directly access electronic data via telecommunications networks.”


Benefits of Electronic Library

Now the academic libraries are shifting to the traditional print resources into e-resource and maintain as Institutional repository. Those resources are theses and dissertations and other innovative academicelibrary

work done by faculty or students. There sources of institutional repository are distributing via internet or intranet to

its user community. The benefits of e-library for the following:

When using electronic information sources lot of benefits are obtain by the users that they are:

  1. E-libraries are the best tool for providing online resources for research which will make easy to its users.
  2. Retrospective search is easy and most convenient than print resource.
  3. Literacy is increases when searching made by the educators.
  4. Searching of index is also easy.
  5. It supports for searching with the combination of keyword.
  6. While searching made by patrons for their project to retrieve a manageable amount of content, quickly and easily.
  7. Provision for simultaneous access of multiple file.
  8. E-libraries facilitate to its patrons for research solution.
  9. Provision for print out and saved the down load items for future references.
  10. The distance learners are also searching their requirement from e-library.
  11. E-Library provides the benefit to integrated search to dictionary, encyclopedia, almanacs, and etc. through the reference desk.
  12. The simplest functionality like Point-and-click promotes the users interest.


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