Electronic Resources Vs Traditional Resources in Library

One of the important criterions of any research is to evaluate information sources. In this aspect both print and e-resources are made evaluation with the factors such as updating, references, citations, convenience of reading and etc. The most revolutions of information communication technology has forced to libraries for using resources. There is lots of difference between print and traditional resources at the time of usage.Librarian Responsibility

Some sources such as journal or newspaper articles can be found in both print and digital format. However, much of what is found in the Internet does not have a print equivalent, and hence, has low or no quality standards for publication.

So many considerable factors are available while using both Electronic and traditional resources. They are given below:

Electronic ResourcesTraditional Resources
Number of search options are available.Direct searching is not possible of all text.
On line or virtual reference.Reference is possible only on shelf search.
Available in all 365 days per year.Available only at library opening hour.
Multi user environment.Only one user access.
User can access their requirement by anywhere else.User access directly from library only.
Indexing and abstracting service through Direct link with full text recordNot linked full text.
Reproduction is printing method. Easy searching.Reproduction is photocopying method, searching the required photocopy area is time consuming.
Edit any part of the text is easy.There is no provision for editing.
Particular article may be download via internet is easy.Particular article may be access from the hard copy.
Some times e-journals are not containing information like reviews, editorial, advertisements.Print journals consists information such as reviews, editorials, letters, advertisements.
Searching of articles is screen and virtual one.Searching is only physical.
In Circulation, document delivery, Interlibrary loan is not required.In circulation, document delivery or intercampus loan required.
Visual retrieval is time saving unable to physical retrieval. It depends on the availability of network.Physical retrieval. It consumes sometime for searching.
Immediate delivery with cheap cost.Delivery is delay because of travel the material from one place to another place.
Some equipment are essential for use the e-resources.Equipment’s are no need to use the print resources.



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