Employment and career development opportunities for Library sactor in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the number of public libraries is very poor, so job opportunity in the public library is very limited. On the other hand, it is hard to find any business firm that has a library and is being operated by Library & Information Science (LIS) professionals. So, most of the Library & Information Science (LIS) professional are working in the educational institution and special libraries in Bangladesh. But the Government of Bangladesh has no standard rules for the educational institutions that ensure the existence of library in every school or college and there must be a librarian or an information officer.
So the scope of employment of Library & Information Science (LIS) professionals are very limited. The LIS professionals are working in some academic institutions but their pay structure and other facilities are far below standard. It is also worth noting that we have many research organizations/institutions where many LIS professionals are having the opportunity to work but salary and other facilities are different from one to another and these facilities are determined by the willingness of the authority of the organizations or institutions as the Govt. of Bangladesh has no strict policy for the LIS professionals. As a result, the LIS professionals are not getting employment and career opportunity from the country.
But in the recent year, this situations are improved day by day. New opportunity of jobs are introducing everyday, and many brilliant students are come in this professions.


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