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Factors that Facilitate and Impede Internet Access

Access to the internet is not available across India but limited access because of costs and unavailability in remote and awkward areas making it non-existent for a vast majority of Indians. A major factor that facilitates internet access in schools, is the need to ensure that the internet supports the educational goals for students. In other words, the learning goals should drive the technology use. Access to the internet is facilitated by so many factors, which include the presence of internet connections in Educational institutes and at home, adequate number of computers, the level of information literacy on the part of the students, speed of access, cost, and stability of the network and power supply and satisfaction of information accessed. Students in colleges are only interested in having access to the internet when there is an enabling environment. With these aforementioned factors, students and teachers are encouraged to make use of the internet even at their most inconvenient time. The push to provide internet technology in colleges has been successful in recent years. According to Goldman et al. (1999), most colleges have computer laboratories and computers in their classrooms. Although internet services are the latest technology in the educational system, there are still many factors that still impede internet access within and outside the college environment. Hardware and software pose problems as the technical support may not be there. Teachers may lack the time and the motivation to learn technology skills that may hamper the interest in teaching related skills to students like information literacy and retrieval skills. Placement of computers in colleges for equitable access, technical support, effective goals for technology use, and new roles for teachers and sustained funding for technology are some of the factors impeding internet access in colleges.

  • Original Reference Article: Begum, S. S. (n.d.). A study on the usage of internet resources among engineering students in Madurai district. Alagappa University, Department of Library and Information Science.

Md. Ashikuzzaman

Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.

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