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Functional Components of Digital Library

Though diverse varieties of digital libraries are being developed today, most of them share a few common functional components. A basic understanding of the key functional components will help in developing digital library. The key components are briefly discussed below;

  1. Selection and acquisition – Typical process covered in this component include the selection of document to be added, digitization and/ or conversion of these documents to appropriate digital form.
  2. Organization — Key process involved in this component include the assignment of metadata (e.g. bibliographic information) to each document being added to the collection.digital-library
  3. Indexing and storage – This component carries out indexing and storage of documents and metadata, for efficient search and retrieval.
  4. Repository — This is the digital library front-end used by the end-users to browse, search, retrieve and view the contents of the digital library. This is typically presented to the users as an HTML, page.
  5. Digital library website – This is the server computer that hosts the digital library collection, and presents the collection to the user in the form of a website home page. The user selects a suitable link on this page to go to the search and retrieval front-end mentioned above. The digital library delivers the content based on search and retrieval operations. The digital library home page itself may be integrated with the library website through an appropriate hypertext link.
  6. Network connectivity — For online access, the digital library website computer should have dedicated connection to the intranet and/ or internet, depending on the target user community, access may be restricted to the intranet (organizational LAN) or extended to the external users through the internet.


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