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Functions and benefits of ICT based library system

Functions and benefits of ICT based library system:

Traditionally, computers in libraries have been used and in most cases are still being used to automate the following functions.

  • Acquisition and budget;
  • Cataloguing and short loans;
  • Cataloguing and short loans;
  • Circulation;
  • Serial control (Periodicals);
  • Provision of access to online catalogue.
Since the 1950s, use of ICT in libraries has basically gone through four stages, corresponding to the major reasons of automating.
  • Improving the efficiency of internal operations.
  • Improving access to local library resources.
  • Providing access to resources outside the library.
  • Interoperability of information systems
ICT is used in various fields of library activities. Some of the areas where new technologies can perfectly be used are as follows:
1. Acquisition:
  • Acquisition/ Accession list;
  • Order file/report
2. Serial management:
  • Serial check-in/out and claiming;
  • Union/holding list.
3. Cataloguing/Classification:
  • Catalogue card/label production;
  • Retrospective conversion;
  • On-line catalogue.
4. Circulation:
  • Issuing;
  • Inter library loan;
  • Reservations;
  • Over dues.
5. Audio Visual Management:
  • AV acquisition/cataloging.
6. Management:
  • Accounting/budgeting;
  • Word processing/mailing;
  • Scheduling/planning;
  • Statistics/report.
7. Information storage/retrieval:
  • Database construction;
  • Online database searching;
  • Downloading/uploading;
  • Indexing and abstracting.
8. Reference/information services:
  • Bibliographic listings;
  • Library instructions;
  • Public access/computer literacy.

Md. Ashikuzzaman

Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.

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