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Functions and objectives of National Library

National Library: A national library keeps all documents of and about a nation under some legal provision and thus represents publications of and about the whole nation.
For Example:
  • National Library of Bangladesh, Dhaka.
  • National Library India, Kolkata.
  • Library of Congress, Washington.
  • British Library, London.
Objectives of National Library: A National Library works with the following objectives:
1. It procures nation’s all literary output under legal provision as well the foreign literature about that nation;
2. It works as a depository house for the said heritage by preserving it;
3. It disseminates information about the stored and procured literary wealth through different publications and services;
4. It works as a national referral and bibliographic center;
5. It coordinates with the other libraries in a country to develop a national library system.
Functions of National Library: A National Library performs the following functions:
1. It works as a national depository library for all literary work published in a country;
2. Producing National Bibliography;
3. It freely collects copies of all published material in the country under COPY-WRITE law;
4. It also procures foreign publications about the country; and by the authors of country origin living abroad;
5. It compiles National Bibliographies to disseminate information about literary output of the country;
6. It works as an apex body of the national library system and coordinates with other libraries in the country;
7. It also exchange data and documents at national and international level;
8. It produces national union catalogues, current, retrospective and subject bibliographies;
9. It make provision for practical training of library professionals;
10. It procures and preserve manuscripts;
11. It also keeps photocopy collection of available documents for national and international library lending;
12. It provides reading, lending, consulting facilities to researchers, writers and other users.




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