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Functions of library Collection Development Policy

Functions of Collection Development Policy of Libraries

Collection development  policy work as a guide to library resources of faculty, students, other users, and other libraries by describing the scope and nature of the collections. As an indication of collection strength and weakness, the can be useful in resource sharing and cooperative acquisitions.
A policy statement thus performs the following functions:
  1. It inform everyone about the nature and scope of the collection of that library.
  2. It informs everyone of collecting priorities.
  3. It forces thinking about organizational goals to be met by the collection.
  4. It generates some degree of commitment to meet organizational goals.
  5. It sets standards for inclusion and exclusion.
  6. It reduce the influence of a single selector and personal biases.
  7. It provides a training / orientation tooks for new staff.
  8. It helps to ensure a degree of consistency over time and despite  staff turnover.
  9. It guides staff in handling complaints.
  10. It aids in weeding and evaluating the collection.
  11. It aids in rationalizing budget allocations.
  12. It provides a public relations document.
  13. It provides a means of assessing overall performance of the collection development programme.
  14. It provides outsiders with information about the purpose of collection development.


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