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Functions of College library

Functions of college
To achieve the objectives of a college library, college library performs
the following functions:

  1. In order to help in all educational and instructional programmes
    of the college it develops its collection by acquiring different documents like text books, audio-visuals etc. related to various courses offered by the college.
  2. It also procures a good amount of more advanced books other than text books on different subjects to develop a habit of deep and advanced studies among college students.
  3. It acquires reference books such as encyclopedias and other books on each and every aspect of different subjects to enhance the understanding of subjects among students on their own besides classroom teaching and text books.
  4. To prepare the students for different professions and occupations and to develop their skills it procures self-learning materials, competitive exam books etc. are provided by the library.
  5. The procures newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines on current events, general knowledge books etc. to make aware its users about their surroundings.
  6. It subscribes useful journals, research bulletins on different subjects as per the recommendations of faculty for research work and to keep the teachers abreast with the latest in their disciplines.
  7. If some document is not available in the library it brings it on inter library loan on demand of its users.
  8. It also provides light reading material like fiction, bibliographies, magazines, travel book guides, audio- visual etc. to give healthy leisure time to its users.
  9.  It procures general reference books such as dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias, yearbooks as well as some subject specific reference books.
  10. To make library and its use more accessible and easy it makes proper classification, catalogue, shelf arrangement, display of new arrivals and provides services like bibliographical, indexing, abstracting, etc.
  11. To provides operation training to its new users to use the library and dissemination time to time


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