Functions of Librarianship

Librarianship definition:
Librarianship has been roughly defined as the practice of collecting, Preserving and organizing graphic and printed records and making them useful.
Encyclopedia of Librarianship “The collection, Preservation, Organization and use of recorded communication”.
Function of Librarianship:
The basic function of Librarianship may be categorized into three main groups.Librarianship
  1. Acquisition.
  2. Organizing/Processing.
  3. Dissemination.

1. Acquisition:

It is a process by which a library collect books with the demand of the library users. According to the annual budget of a library. The library purchase book and other library materials one or two times per year. Beside, The library acquires books by gift, donation etc.
2. Organizing:
Usually a library is responsible locating its own resources at macro-level, that is giving its users of its publication not the content of publication. For this purpose processing of library material is inevitable. Processing is concerned with classification and cataloging. The content exploration is possible by using proper indexing and abstracting which is seldom adopt in the processing of library.
3. Dissemination:
The information dissemination program in a library usually confined within its collection. Library service is seldom concerned with external resources. Though library provides reference services, they cannot come up to meet the full satisfaction of its users due to the limitation of its collection, processing mechanism and above all the objectives. Author characteristic of library service is that the service channel usually remains until its user request for information.
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