Functions of University Library

University Library:  A university library is a part of a university set up. Therefore, it exists to serve the objectives of its parent organization. Every library programme must support universities total programme.  The University Library should aim to advance the functions of that university. 
Functions of University Library: The universally recognized basic functions performed by a university library are:


1. By procuring comprehensive range of documents including books, manuscripts, journals, magazines, newspaper etc. on various subjects;
2. In order to organize huge collection of documents it keeps them in different sections on the basics of their categorization like text book section, reference section, journal section, thesis section;
3. It provides facility of inter library loan to its users if document desired by user is not available in the library;
4. A modern university library interacts with different information networks to give easy access to e-sources/ date to more users so that they could access the desired information even from their workplace. For example, in India university libraries use the facility of INFLIBNET for the same purpose;
5. It also provides entertainment and healthy leisure to user by providing different newspapers, magazines, short story books, internet facility etc;
6. It gives the user orientation training to new enrolled users to make them fell at home and to acquant them with the library system so that they could make maximum use of library services;
7.With the help of display of new arrivals, old book exhibitions, information bulletins about new library services etc. it keeps the users updated with the library activities;
8. It provides reference service through reference section to establish a contact between the right reader and the right document in a personal way to attract more users.
Selection policies of University Library:

University library is a library or group of libraries established, maintained, and administered by a university to meet the needs of its students and members of the academic staff. Materials selection policies of University Libraries are:

  • The library must select and purchase adequate materials for each curriculum and essential materials of concerning field not covered for the curriculum, also called recreational and leisure reading.
  • Bad volume of periodicals, government documents (both old and foreign countries), research reports, doctoral dissertation, newspaper, maps, micro-production etc should be collected for research project.
  • Material must be selected by the librarian in cooperation with library staff well in advances of clientele actual needs. Faculty participation in selection should be encourages.


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