Geographical Filing Method

Geographical Filing in Library Science

The arrangement of material or of entries in a list, catalogue, bibliography, etc. according to place. The term includes both alphabetical arrangement by place-names, and filing by a geographic classificaGeographical flingtion scheme, and also sub-arrangement by place within a given filing system. Gesner, Knorad Von (1516-65) invented a scheme that is often considered the first serious book on classification. While a professor at Zurich University, he published the Bibliotheca Universities (1545) and a supplement. It is a systematic arrangement of books according to subject employed. Sayers argues that a “Hierarchy of knowledge of an ‘ideal kin’ result…it is the great medieval attempt to relate the arrangement of books to the educational and scientific consensus of the day.”


Md. Ashikuzzaman

Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.

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