Graphs and its use

Graphs may be define as visual representation of numerical data. A table of figures may contains a wealth of valuable information but a graph of the same data presents the zest of that information quickly and effectively.

Types of Graphs:- There are many kinds of graphs among those most commonly used graphs are as below,
1. Line graphs.
2. Bar graphs.
3. Circles or Pie graphs.
4. Pictorial graphs.

1. Line Graphs: It is the most precise and potentially the most accurate of all graphs. A line graph should be use when a considerable number of data are to be accommodated or when the data are continuous.

Figure: Line Graph

2. Bar Graphs: Bar graphs are probable simplest of all graphs to easily constructed. Each of the several groups of data to be represented by vertical or horizontal.

Figure: Bar Graph

3. Circle or Pie Graph: It is a circle the sector of which are used to represents the components parts of a whole. To common characteristics of all circle graphs are; always presents total or whole amounts.

Example: If we presents the total production of Rice of the Northern part of Bangladesh, this graphs will help us. If the District A of that parts produce more rice than the District B, C & D then it can be represented as:

Figure: Circle or Pie Graph

4. Pictorial Graphs: It is now used widely in magazines and newspapers; simple to read and has the added advantage of using realistic figures to convey meaning.

Figure: Pictorial Graph

Principle of Graphs: There are three major principles in all types of graphs are follows:

i. The principle of simplesity.
ii. Another principle applicable to all graphs is that comparison and relationship must be shown.
iii. A third principle of a good graphs construction is that, approximation rather than precise amount should be shown.



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