Guard Book Catalogue :: Definition, merits and demerits

It is a variation of book catalogue. In this form entries are printed or typed on a slip and kept in arranged manner in guard book after pasting each slip on a thicker sheet. More than one entry is normally pasted on one sheet and sufficient vacant spaces are left to accommodate new entries. If vacant space are less than the entries to be pasted, one or two sheets are taken out and cancelled and new sheets are added after pasting new entries as well as old entries appearing on cancelled sheet in appropriate order.

“One in which only a few entries are made on a page at first, with spaces left for the insertion of subsequent entries in correct order”- Harrods Librarian’s Glossary and Reference Book.

Merits and Demerits of Guard Book catalogue:
Its merits and demerits are more or less similar to book catalogue. But it decidedly has better qualities of being updated and is more flexible than boo catalogue, through the work and process of updating it is time consuming and complicated. It occupies more sheets in appropriate order.


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