Hall or Match- why I choose one over another?


By Abdullah-Al-Mahmud
Why I prefer match?

  • Has privacy.
  • No political harassment.
  • No dinning problem.
  • Have all my stuffs where it’s meant to be.
  • I get used with it.
  • I love this environment.
  • My suit is in an excellent location not in front of highway by very close to it.
  • Each and every accessories, foods, snacks are available here just in a foot distance.
  • My department and my match is in a reasonable distance.
  • Here I am the senior, thus no one show dare to bother me.


Problems with match
1. It cost lots of money, life is expensive here.
2. I am unable to be in the touch of my dept. friends from here.
3. Security problem.
4. No Internet facility.
5. Peoples here are in coming and going mood, so there is no relation stay longer.
6. Its kindda self-obsessed environment, in another word anti-social phenomena occurs here.
Solution of the problems
P. #1: It was expensive from the very first time, and I manage it. So it won’t be a problem in future I guess.
P. #2: First of all I am not that in touch with my classmates. I have a few friends with whom I can be with anytime I wish even if I were here at match. So it’s not a problem at all.
P. #3: I am here for at last three years and I never feel that even in the unrest political situation. It appears way too much secure to me than varsity hall. So it’s not a problem now, when the situation is great.
P. #4: Yes, in one perspective it is right that I am deprived of free Internet facility. But I do have Wi-Fi connection, it cost money though! So free Internet is not the point is the ability to access on it. And I think I did it well.
P. # 5: I am not concerning with the relationship of mine with other persons and the fact is I am not concern about it. It doesn’t matter to me.
P. #6: Actually I am an introvert type of guy. And I like self-obsession. And I believe it’s not anti-social something. It’s just kind of giving more time to myself, that’s all.


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