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Impact of e-resources in modern Library and Information Centers

Impact of e-resources in modern Library and Information Centers.

Information technology is suggested in the context of Fourth Law of Library Science – “save the time of the Reader / Staff” in which S R Ranganathan recognized an objective relating to the internal efficiency of the library.

The rapid growths of information and communication technologies have given rise to the evolution of several new jargons like paperless society, electronic resources, portal 7 gateway and global digital library. In the day context, all types of libraries viz: academic, public and special are not only providing printed resources to their library users rather they provide printed, electronic as well as other Internet resources like e-books and databases for fulfilling the day to day academic and research requirements of the library users.e-resources-impact-in-library

The challenge, the present society faces in the 21st century is keeping pace with the rapid developments in the information and communication technology, one needs to continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills. It is understood that we live in an information rich society where the amount of information and knowledge in the present world is increasing at a tremendous pace. Information literacy is the ability to evaluate information across the range information needed, locate, synthesize and using the information effectively, using technology, communication networks and electronic resources. Information literacy includes the full range of experience, and the user needs to enable the use of information literacy.

People who are not fond of reading will agree with the fact that a library is the most peaceful place on the earth. Library is like corpora of knowledge. One could find books in a library in almost all topics, like history, geography, or even science e-fiction. Libraries are considered as the shrine where all the relics of the ancient saints, full of true virtue, and that without delusion or imposture, are preserved. A library is like the thole world encompassed in one room. Without a library an institution will not be complete. It is very essential to the education and any problem, any query unanswered one can find it in one of the books stored in the library. Libraries are an integral part of the education system and one is incomplete without the other. A well- stocked library is an asset to any institution.

A library is a place where not only books but also magazines, journals and newspapers are well — stocked for the benefit of the readers. Besides this one can also get the entire charts, Encyclopedia, government gazette, etc. A reader can either read in the library or borrow the book / journal of his choice and take it to home. The library is a popular place in the academic curriculum. With the growing popularity of internet, the retrieval of information becomes faster. In view of the above facts, it is apparent that a library is a very important place in the society.

Libraries are the repositories of knowledge form of an integral part of education. The primary objective of the library is to organize and provide access to information. This objective will never change but the format and methods that are used will change dramatically, providing new opportunities and challenges. Libraries have witnessed a great metamorphosis in recent years. Print medium is increasingly giving way to the electronic form of materials. Library is an extremely important entity in an ever- changing society and it must be responsive to the needs of society. Information Technology (IT) has changed the complexion of today’s libraries. Libraries have evolved to become information provider rather than mere document providers. The shift from the traditional libraries to the digital is not merely a technological evolution, but requires a change in the paradigm by which the users access and interact with information. This move from traditional to electronic library also alters the fundamental role of library.


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