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Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Modern Library

The advances in networking and communication technology have made the information services available to the users on their desktop. In the era of networked information, internet, the largest worldwide networks, has emerged as the most powerful tool for an instant access to information. Information at nano seconds of time to end user at any time and at any place in the world. Today’s users can no longer depend on conventional information sources to cope up with the latest developments in their respective fields. E — Resources are now emerging as vital source of information for all recent and emerging thoughts and ideas coming into existence in whatever area of research. Emergence of internet and World Wide Web (WWW) has provided a platform to display these resources globally. The features inbuilt in the search and retrieval of these resources have made the usage to the maximum. ict-in-library

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has a major impact on materials for search. ICT can provide the enhanced forms of research resources, as e-resources’ and is changing the shape of both the primary resources like texts, images and data, and secondary resources like catalogues. Libraries are subscribed to various bibliographic and full text databases which are of interest to the users.

Libraries have changed its face with the emergence of ICT. They have assumed the role of educators, train the users to find, evaluate and the usage of information in the library and also through electronic networks. Libraries have information in the library and also through electronic networks. Libraries have been using ICT in general and computer technology in particular, to automate a wide ranges of administrative and technical processes and provide better services to their users. ICT has helped the library and information science professionals in conquering space and time and rendered it possible to retrieve information from any corner of the world instantaneously and provide it to the users efficiently and effectively. In an age of information explosion, ICT is progressively replacing the old methods of information collection, storage and retrieval. Academic Library System is a major beneficiary of ICT.

Information is knowledge, facts or data. For the purpose of enabling the users to assimilate information, it should be repacked. Knowledge becomes information when it is externalized i.e., put into the process of communication.

The effectiveness of communication technology depends how well it provides its clients with information rapidly, economically and authentically. A large number of ICT enabled service including OPAC. E-resources. etc. are available in the academic library.


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